El Ojo de la Matriz

El Ojo 2El Ojo de la Matriz (Vision Libros, 2010)

Eye of the Womb (Power Press,1981) was published in Spain  as a  bilingual edition, El Ojo de la Matriz (Vision Libros, 2010). Translated by Milagros Salavador and Nancy Dale Nieman, the edition includes an introduction by literature scholar Beatriz Villacañas and cover art by Jacquline Bellon. A selection was published in the journal Piedra del Molino: Revista de Poesia (No 12, Spring 2010).

From the introduction by Beatriz Villacañas:  “To celebrate maternity is not to glorify it. To celebrate maternity, as Susan Suntree does, is to pay homage to lucidity. It is being aware and showing the pain, the uncertainty, the fear associated with maternity… In Eye of the Womb, the wisdom of the womb’s eye is full of beauty, or better yet, impregnated with beauty. Plenitude and pain are resolved and integrated in magnificent verses.”

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